Membership Invitation from Major General Barrye L. Price, Ph.D., (Retd.)



Greetings  Fellow F.L.A.G. Ambassadors:

Thank you for visiting the Remember the F.L.A.G. Leadership Network website. I am Major General Barrye L. Price, Ph.D. (Retd.), author of Remember the F.L.A.G. (Family Leadership Ambassadorship and Growth) Model, which I developed and used to successfully build high-performance results-oriented teams throughout the last sixteen of my thirty-one years of military service.

In 2000, I was privileged to assume leadership of arguably the most consequential job within the Army—one in which less than 10% of all Lieutenant Colonels have the opportunity to serve in—that of Battalion Commander. Within this coveted role, commanders are asked to develop a “vision” which guides the organization—operationally, morally, physically, and spiritually. In that I had just concluded a year serving as a White House Fellow, my level of espirit for our nation, my level of patriotism, and my commitment to our value stream as a people and as a nation was heightened. I endeavored with the assistance of my wife to have a vision statement which was memorable, readily repeatable by my Soldiers, had a deeper meaning, and one which mandated answering a higher calling—one that asked them to be their very best self 24/7/365. Out of that vision emanated the notion of Remembering the F.L.A.G.: Family, Leadership, Ambassadorship, Growth. I selected the acronym F.L.A.G., because the US F.L.A.G. is the most endearing and enduring symbol within our democracy. I knew that the notion of Remembering the F.L.A.G. would resonate and find traction within my command.

I first introduced the F.L.A.G. in November of 2000 and I served within the Army through 2016—concluding my career at the rank of Major General.  During that season, I commanded at every level and served in staff positions that literally touched every service member and US Civil Servant in Iraq in 2009; over 200,000 Cadets in Junior and Senior ROTC in 2010, and every Soldier and Civilian in the Army from 2011 through 2016. Indirectly the F.L.A.G. has touched over a million people, directly it has touched hundreds of thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and National Guardsmen. Today, the F.L.A.G. Model, which represents Family Leadership Ambassadorship and Growth, provides measurable results for the military, corporate, and non-profit organizations globally.

The overwhelming success of the F.L.A.G., as a leadership tool in the military, inspired me to contemplate the manner in which the model could be repurposed to reach broader audiences. Immediately following my retirement from the Army in 2016, I founded Impact Consulting, LLC., to take F.L.A.G. into Corporate America and Nonprofit Organizations, began developing, The F.L.A.G. Bootcamp™ for middle and high school students, and the Impact not Impression Student Leadership College Tour. Both F.L.A.G. Student Leadership Programs, will start later this year.

The F.L.A.G., as I offer it, isn’t simply a slogan. It requires living a purposeful and ethical lifestyle—not simply for self, but for everyone who has invested in you. Embracing the F.L.A.G. changes lives, because embedded in the F.L.A.G. are requirements to become selfless, to live a life of honor, to be a great ambassador, and to seek growth incessantly. The notion builds great citizens and students who’ll become great employees. School Administrators and Corporate sponsors are investing at present for future dividends.

Finally, I contemplated a way to remain connected with the millions of great people around the world, who were invested in the growth of the F.L.A.G. principles. This is why I started the F.L.A.G. Leadership Network. The F.L.A.G. Leadership Network is an internet-based community that serves to uplift the F.L.A.G. ideals for present and future leaders. The network will serve as a repository of our shared stories, quotes, words of encouragement, and nuggets of wisdom. It will also provide the backstory of the thousands of lives that have been positively impacted by leadership development knowledge gained from the F.L.A.G. program.

Network membership is open to all individuals, anywhere in the world, who have received F.L.A.G. leadership training as part of military leadership development programs during their active duty service. Your willingness to register as a member of the F.L.A.G. Network will publicly declare your desire to be linked to others who possess shared Remember the F.L.A.G.! experiences. It will also identify you as a leader in your community, who can be called upon to share your knowledge, as you to continue your commitment to leadership excellence.

I am inviting you to register today to become a member of the Remember the F.L.A.G. Leadership Network.

Remember the F.L.A.G.!